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K9 Kuts and Kennels

Pet grooming and boarding

Welcome humans

We love your pet almost as much as you do!

We are a pet grooming and boarding facility in Washington, Missouri, serving the Franklin County community and surrounding areas.

All pets receive soft snuggles and hugs as we care for them.


Our skilled groomers and pet lovers care for your pet in these ways:

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Nail Trims and Grinds
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Only the best trained hands

We use Nature Specialties and Envirogroom, a wheat and gluten free shampoo when we groom your pet.

In addition, we offer oatmeal and medicated baths as well as shed treatments to help those times your pet has some extra fur.

Our six skilled groomers are the best at caring for your pet family.

Hours by appointment Monday through Saturday

If this is your first time at K-9 Kuts, please register here first.

Nail Trims and Grinds

We are happy to clip your dog’s nails or grind them.

Trims: $10
Grinds: $15

If this is your first time at K-9 Kuts, please register here first.


For when you can't take your pet with you

Available runs are 6x4, 6x5, or 6x10 in size.

  • Cot in each run
  • Walked four times daily
  • Fenced in potty area
  • Indoor play area
  • Timed ventilation system takes out any bad air and brings in clean air
  • Climate controlled room
  • Runs cleaned daily

- 6x4 and 6x5 @ $35/nt
- 6x10 @ $60/nt up to 2 dogs
- 2 dogs in same kennel @ $60/nt
- 3 dogs in same kennel @ $80/nt
- 2 dogs same family in separate kennels @ $65/nt

Drop off and Pick up times
Monday thru Friday: 8am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
Sunday: 12pm to 2pm

- Discount for multiple dogs
- Same family may stay together

If this is your first time at K-9 Kuts, please register here first.

Meet our Groomers

Our team of pet care experts

Each of us is passionate about animals. Maybe that’s why we are so good at what we do!

More about who we are and our skills:

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Hey there! I’m Angela Struckhoff, and I am the owner of K9 Kuts and Kennels.

I graduated from Petropolis Academy of dog grooming in 1998 and opened K9 Kuts in June of 2000. I recently built a new facility and added K9 Kennels.

I truly love what I do and very rarely have a bad day. I mean, how could you when you get to see dogs all day and get kisses from them. There is nothing better than that…except maybe puppy breath! ;)

Thank you for giving us a try, and I look forward to meeting you and your fur kid!

- Angela

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Hi, my name is Nikki Flores, and I love working at K-9 Kuts because of the relaxed atmosphere and awesome co-workers.

I have 3 young kids and a shepherd mix named Taco. I have been a groomer at K-9 Kuts for 7 years and a groomer over all for almost 20 years.

My favorite breeds to groom are Pomeranians, labradoodles, and Maine Coons cats, but certainly love all breeds. I enjoy doing haircuts that are different from the norm and am the self-proclaimed “cat whisperer.”

My favorite part of being a groomer is seeing the faces of customers when they see their best friend all cleaned up and looking cuter than ever and making the pet feel their best.

- Nikki

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Hi I’m Tracy Anderson. I have been a pet groomer for 23 years. I previously worked 18 years at a shop in St. Louis and then moved to Washington and have had the pleasure of working at K-9 Kuts for the last 4-1/2 years.

A groomers job is never dull, and I cannot even begin to think of doing anything other. I can’t say I have a favorite breed, they are all unique in their own way.

But my favorite part about being a groomer is knowing I’m helping a living animal feel better. I LOVE MY JOB!

- Tracy

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My name is Haley Haskins, and I am a mother to 3 boys, Gracin, Levi, and Beau. I recently graduated from Petropolis Academy of dog grooming and joined K9 Kuts in January.

My favorite dog breed is the Australian Shepherd. My hobbies include hanging out with family at our farm and traveling.

- Haley

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Contact us

K9 Kuts & Kennels

516 Louis St.
Washington, Missouri

(636) 239-0610


By appointment

If this is your first time at K-9 Kuts, please register here first.

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We would be delighted to send you updates occasionally. Please drop your email below.

Thank you, and see you soon!

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